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We offer comprehensive solutions of gas detection system that are built to protect people, property and productivity in even the toughest environments. 



XNX Universal Transmitter.jpg

XNX Universal Transmitter



Sensepoint XCD

Sensepoint XCD.jpg

ACM 150

ACM 150.jpg

Sensepoint Flammable and Toxix Gas Detector

Sensepoint Flammable and Toxic Gas Detec

SPM Flex

SPM Flex.jpg

705 HT Series (Flammable Gas Sensors)

705 HT Series of Flammable Gas Sensors.j

Sensepoint XCD RFD

Sensepoint XCD RFD.jpg

Senpoint XCD RTD

Sensepoint XCD RTD.jpg

Searchline Excel Cross Duct

Searchline Excel Cross Duct Infrared Gas

HALO LED Junction Box

HALO LED Junction Box.png

Signalpoint Flammable and Toxic Detector

Signalpoint Flammable and Toxic Gas Dete


OELD (Bluetooth-enabled Local Display).j

Search Point Optima Plus

Searchpoint Optima Plus Point Infrared G

Searchline Excel Open Path

Searchline Excel Open Path Infrared Gas

Touchpoint™ Plus Controller

Touchpoint Plus Controller.jpg

Series 3000 Mkll and MKIII

Series 3000 Mkll and Mklll Transmitters

Touchpoint Pro Controller

Touchpoint Pro Controller.jpg
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